“The boys have gotten so big!”

It can take a seldom visited great aunt’s exclamation of “my how you’ve grown!” for a parent to see the growth in their own children. That’s how I felt when I recently spoke to a long lost colleague who exclaimed, “wow, you’ve got a lot going on!”

2015 was a challenging year for Metro West CD. The budget was super tight, a key staff person moved on and there was not a lot of good news on the horizon. But, we just kept stumbling forward and things have started to pick up steam. As of this writing we are:

  • Interviewing with the Norwell Community Housing Trust for the possible new construction of 18 units of affordable rental housing for seniors.
  • Submitting an application to the Waltham Community Preservation Committee for a $10 million acquisition/rehabilitation program to create 26 units of affordable rental housing for individuals and families.
  • Helping the towns of Stow and Belmont undertake Housing Production Plans.
  • Supporting two of our peer non-profits (the Weston Affordable Housing Fund, Inc. and the Lexington Housing Assistance Board) in their efforts to bring 2 and 4 units of affordable rental housing to their communities.
  • Organizing a Senior Housing Information Forum in Dedham.
  • Providing organizational infrastructure support to the Watertown Community Preservation Act campaign.
  • Participating in meetings with housing advocates in Natick and Lexington in their efforts to identify sites and public policies to create affordable housing.
  • Continuing our support of the Fernald Working Group.
  • Exploring a small-scale rental housing initiative in Hudson.

2016 will bear all of this fruit if we can tend it well. Thank you for your support, encouragement and commitment. Read more details here: Annual Program Report 2015

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