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Protect Your Affordable Housing Inventory

Municipalities are in the unique role of having to stay on top of their entire affordable housing inventory. Developers, owners, management companies, and even state agencies only have to consider projects one at a time. But, the Town or City leadership needs to understand and keep tabs on the whole thing! Metro West CD can help you do it!

Metro West CD has experience in the following:

  • Monitoring projects for household income eligibility
  • Review and implementation of Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plans and Lottery Administration
  • Program Design and Administration
  • Housing Production Planning – community outreach portion
  • Overall inventory compliance monitoring

Importance of a Housing Production Plan

Why create and adopt a Housing Production Plan for your community:

  • It will guide development in ways that best meet our community’s needs
  • It will result in housing units that help our current and future residents
  • It could prevent large unwanted 40B developments