Regional Power!

It’s a simple idea: pool your resources with the folks nearby you and together, you can accomplish what you could not accomplish alone. BUT, it’s so hard to do!

That is why a small but significant handful of communities in the Metrowest are so very impressive. The communities of Acton, Bedford, Concord, Lexington, Sudbury, Weston and their colleagues in Bolton, Boxborough, Hudson, Littleton and Stow have formed regional collaborations to undertake a myriad of affordable housing services, projects and programs that they could not have done before.

The two groups are a bit different in their organizational model, but the core is the same: buy one consulting contract from an organization with technical housing capacity to cost effectively deliver services that the municipality is unlikely to be able to staff itself because of the small number of projects and resulting affordable housing units. Affordable housing is a foreign language and it cannot be easily learned without many opportunities to practice. Small towns like Boxborogh with 24 units of affordable housing simply don’t have the volume of issues and transactions to warrant investing in in-house staff capacity. But they still have housing goals and needs so “buying” it cooperatively is a great way to go. Metro West CD is proud to be the consultant to the MAGIC sub-region including Bolton, Boxoborough, Hudson, Littleton and Stow.

The groups recently met to share their experiences. Find out more here:


  • Hi, folks —

    You really should list Belmont among these collaborating communities!!

  • Thanks Judie,

    Belmont is definitely a great example of a municipality doing a lot of creative things to collaborate with other communities around housing issues, and we are certainly proud to work with you. This particular newspaper article was about a meeting of the MAPC MAGIC sub-region, so we decided to focus our blog post on those communities. The sub-region is geographically based, and Belmont isn’t a part of it, which is why we didn’t the great work you are doing.

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