Engine 6: 22 months later

Our effort to create nine studio apartments for formerly homeless individuals at Engine 6 officially ended on October 3rd 2013 when our Purchase and Sale Agreement expired and it became abundantly clear that there was not sufficient political will to make the project possible.  Since then, the Engine 6 site sold to a private developer and the Zoning Board of Appeals approved his permit to build three luxury condominiums.

If that were the end of the story then this would be a sad tale indeed.

The silver lining is that the proposed project  spurred the creation of a grassroots community effort known as the “Supporters of Engine 6.” Since October 2013, the community group has been steadily championing affordable housing developments in Newton and led a very successful complaint against the City to the Federal Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.  Below is the link to a press release the group released last month summarizing their achievement: The City must create 9-12 units of permanent supportive housing within the next five years.

While this outcome is significant in and of itself, of course the real achievement is in standing tall against discrimination and forcing the City leadership to address the housing needs of the entire community.

Congratulations Engine 6!


  • We are looking affordable for one, two or Three bedroom appartment for living if there available please contact me. Thanks!

  • After reading the above statement, it is apparently clear that there is a lack of sustainable rents within the commonwealth, let alone for anyone that works as a blue color laborer in and around Boston. The wait for housing is a long and tedious one, and it is clear that the state needs to either build/renovate more buildings for true affordable housing, or we need to tell the landlords/corporations that enough is enough. My husband and I had to move out of state to get a roof over our heads, he now commutes a very long and costly commute into boston for his job. We all know the rents are inexcueably high is anyone man enough to say enough? and insist on re-instating rent control?

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