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Ready Renter Program – Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Ready Renter Program and how will it help me find affordable housing?

The Ready Renter Program is one tool in your housing search that helps you stay updated about affordable housing opportunities in your community or other communities in which you hope to live. Each month, Ready Renter Program participants receive a news bulletin with information about affordable housing opportunities and how to apply for each opportunity. Additionally, we offer 1-on-1 assistance in the housing search for any interested Ready Renter.


I am interested in the additional housing search assistance. How does that work?

The 1-on-1 housing search assistance gets your housing search started and/or organized. Each appointment is up to an hour spent researching, calling, and applying for opportunities. Set up an appointment with Holly, our housing counselor, by calling (617)923-3505 x8 or sending an email to


How do I apply for the Ready Renter Program?

You must complete and submit a Ready Renter Program application to Metro West CD. The application must include the supporting documents that are outlined in the Program application. Once you have submitted a complete application, you will receive a letter from Metro West CD confirming your enrollment or explaining why you are not eligible for the Program.


I got a letter stating that my application is incomplete. What do I do now?

Your letter will explain in detail why your application is incomplete. If you fail to complete sections of the application or fail to provide the required supporting documents, you will not be enrolled in the Program. You will have the opportunity to correct any errors to your application. If you have any questions about the application, please contact Metro West CD staff for assistance.


I have a housing voucher, am I eligible for the Ready Renter Program?

Yes. The units available through the Ready Renter Program are affordably priced for households with a Section 8 voucher or some other form of rental assistance.


Is there a minimum income requirement for units available through the Ready Renter Program?

There is no standard minimum income requirement for participation in the Ready Renter Program. However, each development will typically have a minimum income requirement, although it will vary with each development.


I got a letter stating that my application is complete. How long is the wait list?

The Ready Renter Program does not use a wait list to fill vacancies. Units owned by Metro West CD or the property owners we partner with through the Program are filled through a lottery process. When a unit becomes available, it will be advertised to Program participants, and filled through a lottery. It is your responsibility to contact Metro West CD staff to let them know that you would like to be included in the lottery.


I was just notified that I won the lottery! What do I do now?

You will have the opportunity to visit the development and meet with property management staff. If you like the unit and want to move in, you will need to pass the property managers application process and you will need to submit a final application to Metro West CD for the final approval. The final application to Metro West CD is similar to the Program application that you already submitted, but we require additional information to document your income.


I am interested in a unit that is advertised in the monthly bulletin, but it says I should contact a different owner regarding the lottery. What should I do?

The Ready Renter monthly bulleting includes information about housing opportunities in metropolitan Boston. Some of these units Metro West CD plays a direct role in leasing and other units are filled through a separate company. You should follow the instructions provided for each development in order to be considered for the apartment.

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The Apartments

The units include studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments in a range of building types, including duplexes and medium sized apartment buildings.

The Rents
Although rents will vary depending on unit size and other factors, sample maximum rents (including utilities or utility allowance) for a two bedroom apartment at different income limits are as follows:

  • 65% AMI – $1,275
  • 80% AMI – $1,569
  • 90% AMI – $1,764
  • 100% AMI – $2,216

The Households
Households must meet certain income eligibility requirements that will vary based on household size and income group targeted by the specific program. Income limits for households earning 80% AMI are included below. For a complete list of program income limits download our Ready Renter Program flyer. For answers to frequently asked questions, download our Ready Renter FAQ.

Income Limits for 80% AMI households

  • 1 person household – $48,800
  • 2 person household – $55,800
  • 3 person household – $62,750
  • 4 person household – $69,700
  • 5 person household – $75,300
  • 6 person household – $80,900
  • 7 person household – $86,450
  • 8 person household – $92,050

Also check out “The Guide,” a resource for renters and homebuyers.

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