Information for Renters

Most people find places to live through the PRIVATE MARKET. These are apartments and homes that are rented and sold through private owners without government involvement. Some of this housing is quite “affordable” to lower income people. But, sometimes market prices are too high for lower income people and they need one of the following government assisted units. These units are generally only open to legal US residents:

  1. “Public” Housing
  2. “Subsidized” Housing
  3. Rental “Vouchers” – Section 8 Program

Download this fact sheet for more about government-assisted affordable housing units. Affordable Housing Cheat Sheet

Searching for affordable housing is time consuming and frustrating. There are ways that we can help:

  1. Get your name on the Regional Ready Renter Program
    Metro West CD maintains a data base of households looking for apartments. As we learn about rental opportunities we will pass that information on to you via mail and/or e-mail updates. Metro West CD staff also maintain a file of “live” apartment listings, come browse the list. Downloads: Ready Renter Program Application 2017
  2. Get your “papers” together workshop
    Most affordable housing will require that you have considerable paperwork such as paystubs, bank statements, birth certificates, etc. Metro West CD staff can help you sort your documents and be prepared for applying for apartments.
  3. Get your credit together workshop
    More and more landlords are looking at credit scores. Metro West CD staff can help you get your credit report and identify opportunities for improving your credit score.
  4. Know your rights and responsibilities of tenancy
    There are many legal obligations both you and your landlord have. Make sure you know them! Metro West CD staff can review with you the common mistakes landlords and tenants make that get them in trouble.
  5. Other financial education workshops
    Periodically Metro West CD offers financial education workshops such as how to establish a budget, how to open a checking account, etc.

Contact Holly at 617-923-3505 x8 to set up any of these services.

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