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Protect Your Affordable Housing Inventory!

Municipalities are in the unique role of having to stay on top of their entire affordable housing inventory. Developers, owners, management companies, even state agencies only have to consider projects one at a time. But, the Town or City leadership need to understand and keep tabs on the whole thing! Metro West CD can help you do it!

Metro West CD has experience in the following:

– Monitoring projects for household income eligibility

– Review and implementation of Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plans and Lottery Administration

– Program design and Administration

– Housing Production Planning to get to and stay above 10%

– Overall inventory compliance  monitoring

MAGIC Regional Housing Services

In late 2013, Metro West CD was selected by a consortium of five communities including: Bolton, Boxborough, Hudson, Littleton, and Stow to help them create a data base of all of their affordable housing, assess the level of compliance, and respond to other affordable housing questions and issues that might emerge over the 12-24 months of the contract period. This regional approach allows each community access to quality housing services at a lower cost than they could obtain on their own.

Downpayment Assistance Programs in Belmont and Natick

Metro West CD is currently working with the Town of Belmont to create and implement a Home Buyer Assistance Program. The Program will utilize Community Preservation Act Funding to support the purchase of three permanently affordable homes in Belmont. Working closely with the Belmont Housing Trust, we hope to have the program launched in the winter of 2015.

Metro West CD has recently wrapped up the implementation of a similar program in Natick. The Natick Housing Trust provided small downpayment assistance to loans to eleven homebuyers. The borrowers were extremely grateful. Many could not have purchased the home without the help.

Housing Production Plans Adopted in Lexington and Watertown

Watertown: Watertown_HPP_19June2013_Final

Lexington: Lexington HPP DRAFT April 2013

The towns of Belmont, Lexington and Watertown collectively won a grant to undertake the creation of “Housing Production Plans.” The work was done with assistance from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council supported by funding from the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development Sustainable Communities Program and the Mass. Dept. of Housing and Community Development Priority Development Fund.

Aaron Henry, Senior Planner Town of Lexington

A “Housing Production Plan” is a document that is approved by the Mass. Dept. of Housing and Community Development and includes the following things:

  1. An assessment of our community’s housing needs based on an understanding of population trends and regional growth factors
  2. A numerical goal of units to produce annually
  3. An appropriate mix of housing types
  4. Steps for meeting our goals

There are several reasons to create and adopt a Housing Production Plan for our community:

  1. It will guide development in ways that best meet our community’s needs
  2. It will result in housing units that help our current and future residents
  3. It could prevent large unwanted 40B developments

Learn about regional housing trends:
The following report was created by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council to help us understand the changes happening within our community and within our region. See if your town is growing or shrinking…you might be surprised! Metro West Regional Housing Analysis March 2012

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