Understanding Watertown’s Affordable Housing Ordinance

“Inclusionary Zoning” is a local ordinance that requires developers of residential properties to provide a certain percentage of the units within the building as affordable to “low and moderate income” households. The trigger and the percentage varies from town to town. Additionally, many towns now require that these units then be submitted for consideration by DHCD for the State’s Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI). The SHI is the state-wide measure of affordable housing and the official determination of whether a community is at or below 10%, the magic number over which towns must get in order to avoid “unfriendly 40B projects.” So, in addition to complying with the local ordinance the developer must also comply with the requirements of the SHI.

Download this “Inclusionary Zoning in Watertown Tool Kit” – a way to help potential developers understand the Town of Watertown’s “Inclusionary Zoning.”

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