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Oct 29


Good Job Watertown!

The Watertown Town Council recently voted to amend its Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance to increase the percentage of affordable housing that is required by developers of projects over 5 residential units. This means more affordable housing will be built in Watertown! … Continue reading

Sep 22


Regional Power!

It’s a simple idea: pool your resources with the folks nearby you and together, you can accomplish what you could not accomplish alone. BUT, it’s so hard to do! That is why a small but significant handful of communities in … Continue reading

Aug 07


The School Children Conundrum

Due to school enrollment increasing sharply and unexpectedly each year since 2009[i], the Town of Lexington created an “Enrollment Working Group,” to better understand why enrollment had increased and better forecast it moving forward.  They released an interim report on … Continue reading

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