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Dec 02


CPA Victory in Watertown!

Congratulations to the folks of “Invest in Watertown” the 18 month effort to put the Community Preservation Act on the ballot and then score the votes to win! This is great news for future affordable housing efforts in Watertown.

Oct 28


Silver Anniversary Party!

Please join us on Tuesday November 15th from 5:00 – 7:00 pm at the Indigo Hotel located at 399 Grove Street, Newton to celebrate our 25th Anniversary and Annual Meeting. Celebratory foods and beverages shall be had. All are welcome and the event is free! RSVP with

Apr 08


Housing the Homeless

The Tri Community Coalition to End Homelessness invites you to a forum on Sunday April 24th from 1:30 – 3:30 to explore “Housing the Homeless: From Crisis to Shelter to Home.” Many interesting speakers and exhibitors who are on the front lines trying to end homelessness. End Homelessness Forum

Mar 31


How Volunteering can Benefit You!

We have all heard about how we should serve the common good by volunteering our free time to community non-profits; as an AmeriCorps member I can completely attest to idea of using your time to help others. Volunteering in general provides obvious benefits to the organization and the population being served.  However, what is often overlooked is the fact that volunteering can also have great personal benefits for those who are willing to donate some of their time and effort to a cause that is important to them!

Here at Metro West, we are currently looking for volunteers to help us further our mission and implement new programs. But we also want to help you become more engaged with your community and learn new skills! Keep reading for some of the ways volunteering with us can be mutually beneficial:

  • Learn more about affordable housing issues! As part of your training as a volunteer, you will be briefed on what defines affordable housing, the need for it, and the work being done to develop and advocate for new affordable homes.
  • Build your ties with metro west communities! We work with many different towns, organizations, and individuals; as a volunteer this network can be available to you.
  • Learn new skills! Some of our new programs, such as financial literacy and the housing search clinic, will require volunteers to familiarize themselves with relevant information and resources. Metro West CD will provide new volunteers with any necessary training and knowledge.
  • Meet new people! Volunteering will introduce you to numerous new people who may have similar ideas, interests, and hobbies.
  • Strengthen your resume! Many people may not think of this, but volunteering can add valuable experience to your resume, and show your potential employers that you are an engaged member of your community!
  • Improve your overall health! Studies show that individuals who volunteer have better mental health as volunteering combats depression, feelings of isolation, and promotes a sense of purpose. Additionally, those who volunteer also tend to be physically healthier as many volunteer activities encourage a more active lifestyle.

If you believe you would like to experience one of the benefits listed above and are passionate about bringing affordable housing to metro west communities, then visit our volunteer page or contact Desiree at We have flexible volunteer opportunities for almost every schedule, and would love to hear how you would like to get involved!

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