“The boys have gotten so big!”


It can take a seldom visited great aunt’s exclamation of “my how you’ve grown!” for a parent to see the growth in their own children. That’s how I felt when I recently spoke to a long lost colleague who exclaimed, “wow, you’ve got a lot going on!”

2015 was a challenging year for Metro West CD. The budget was super tight, a key staff person moved on and there was not a lot of good news on the horizon. But, we just kept stumbling forward and things have started to pick up steam. As of this writing we are:

  • Interviewing with the Norwell Community Housing Trust for the possible new construction of 18 units of affordable rental housing for seniors.
  • Submitting an application to the Waltham Community Preservation Committee for a $10 million acquisition/rehabilitation program to create 26 units of affordable rental housing for individuals and families.
  • Helping the towns of Stow and Belmont undertake Housing Production Plans.
  • Supporting two of our peer non-profits (the Weston Affordable Housing Fund, Inc. and the Lexington Housing Assistance Board) in their efforts to bring 2 and 4 units of affordable rental housing to their communities.
  • Organizing a Senior Housing Information Forum in Dedham.
  • Providing organizational infrastructure support to the Watertown Community Preservation Act campaign.
  • Participating in meetings with housing advocates in Natick and Lexington in their efforts to identify sites and public policies to create affordable housing.
  • Continuing our support of the Fernald Working Group.
  • Exploring a small-scale rental housing initiative in Hudson.

2016 will bear all of this fruit if we can tend it well. Thank you for your support, encouragement and commitment.

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